Camp Illawonga
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illawonga camp


Camp Illawonga History

Illawonga Camp was built in the 1980s by ACROMAT. ACROMAT build gym equipment, seating, and other sporting projects and their name is well known throughout the gymnastics world.





Illawonga was originally built for the 1984 Australian Gymnastics team to live in and train for the Olympics. The owners of ACROMAT were heavily involved in the industry and sport. It housed a full gymnastics set up, with foam filled pit and trapeze.


In the 1990’s the venue was launched as a school camp with Murray River Educational Tours of which he ran for 15+ years.


In the early 2000’s Mark and Jody Coleman purchased the camp and ran it right through until the Murray River floods in December 2022. The venue temporarily closed at this point, due to the flooding and Mark and Jody decided it was time to hand the reins over to the next custodian.


In July 2023, Beyond the Classroom commenced management of the property, with a new focus and enthusiasm to take the Illawonga Camp into the future. The property is now undertaking renovations and will be ready to welcome groups again in Term 4, 2023. The camp is being renamed “Camp Illawonga”.


With stricter insurance regulations, unfortunately the gymnastics equipment and foam pit is no longer allowed to be used, however a range of new activities are being developed including the Illawonga EDventure, a journey for high school students.


We look forward to sharing the Illawonga adventure with you in the future.