Camp Illawonga is all about keeping students active, interested, and challenged. This is achieved through a carefully selected variety of activities, many unique to the camp, that will foster students’ confidence, expand their understanding of the natural environment, and provide opportunities to widen their physical and mental horizons.



Camp activities

Illawonga is the camp’s home base with archery, maze, and pedal cart track. On the riverfront, there is kayaking, raft building, team challenges, team building activities and more. There’s also the campfire area and 1800 acres of Mallee scrub to explore including an amazing sculpture trail.




On the Murray

The Murray River is just a short walk from the camp. Depending on the time of the year, students will try a range of aquatic activities. With group rotations and activities running parallel, everyone is kept busy. Illawonga is also special due to its proximity to the Punyelroo Caves.




Camp Illawonga offers a full range of aquatic experiences for your students, all under the supervision of our fully trained leaders. Whether it’s kayaking, raft building, pedal boats or swimming, there’s fun in the water for everyone.



Camp Illawonga has its own archery range and students have the opportunity to test their shooting prowess under safe supervision. For those who don’t quite hit the target, there’s a small bush walk to retrieve the errant arrows!


Cave Tour

Grab your torch, hard-hat and spirit of adventure. Then take a walk through a unique cave system set at the base of majestic cliffs, right on the the Murray’s banks.

Team Building

Team building and adventure activities are an important part of the Illawonga experience. Bush survival, shelter building, orienteering, team work challenges and more are available on camp. Other amazing experiences available are solo camping in the Mallee scrub in a swag, star gazing in the dark sky reserve, camp fire, maze, pedal cart track and more.

murray river

Murray River Ecology

Murray River ecology is enjoyed as we take the boat to the Punyelroo Cave. The camp is opposite the cave accessed via a large lagoon. The trip takes in the Murray river, birdlife and wildlife.

Murray Mallee Ecology

Camp Illawonga offers a beautiful 1800 acre mallee reserve which has been allowed to regenerate free from the pressures of farming, for over 20 years. The property is home to hundreds of wombats and kangaroos and a host of native bird species. Students are guided through an interpretive program explaining why the early settlers cleared the mallee trees and what effects this has had on Murray River.

Camp Illawonga is an educational campsite just two hours from Adelaide near Swan Reach on the Murray River.
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